“How can I adjust the Fit of my PrideMask?”

Your PrideMask will now arrive with 2 additional inches to help get a better fit. The knots remain loosely tied and accessible to allow adjustment. Once you tie the knots at your desired length, tighten the knots. The knots can be pulled and moved through the mask’s side seams (if desired). If you have any problems, let us know. We are here to help.

Important Note: Ensure your elastic knots are tied tight prior to washing.

Adjusting the fit of your mask.
Replacing your elastic.

“How do I care for my PrideMask?”

PrideMasks do not have to be washed prior to first use. For easiest care, simply hand wash your PrideMask in warm water with your favorite hand/laundry/dish soap for at least 30 seconds.

Wash. Rinse. Hang Dry. PrideMasks are made with performance fabrics that can be washed, dried, stretched and pulled.

DO NOT PUT YOUR PRIDEMASK INTO A MICROWAVE OVEN! The bendable nose strip at the top of the our masks contains aluminum. Placing your mask in a microwave will result in an arc and sparks and likely burn your mask. PrideMasks.com will not be held responsible for masks that are damaged due to microwave burns. 

“When will you be adding more inventory? It seems like you are always out of stock.”

We are so thankful to be able to manufacture a product that can help people protect themselves and the community, as well as one that people want to wear. Our desire is to make as many quality masks as we can, as fast as we can, and as safely as we can.

As we continue to scale our manufacturing—by moving our business into a larger facility which will allow us to add more staff—we are focusing on restocking our online store at least once per week.

Please add your email to our Newsletter here so that we can notify you as soon as we update inventory. Online inventory tends to sell out very quickly. We recommend you visit the website, as soon as you receive the notification email.

“Why does PrideMasks.com run out of inventory before I can finish purchasing the product in my cart?”

Due to the high demand for facial barriers like PrideMasks, our site has been receiving an exponential spike in customers each and every time we add inventory to our online store.

Our previous technology platform that was hosting our online store was never intended to support this level of traffic all at once. We are sorry that this created a great deal of frustration for many of our customers. In response to these concerns we rebuilt our online store on a platform which should alleviate these issues going forward.

With the redesign of our check-out process, we added functionality that allows you to reserve up to 4 units of each desired PrideMask for up to five minutes. This should allow customers enough time to finish shopping, enter their payment and shipping information, and complete their transaction without loosing your cart inventory to another customer.

If you are still experiencing these issues with our existing checkout process, please let us know by emailing us here.

“When will my order ship?”

Most orders ship within 3-5 business days of the time that the order is placed. Once your order has been prepared by our team, you will receive an email with a UPS tracking number. Most Chicago customers receive their order within 24 hours of it shipping. However, with so many shipping services being impacted by COVID-19, please allow for 2-3 additional days for shipping.

“Can I order online, but pick up in person?”

To safeguard the health of our community and employees, we have DISCONTINUED IN-PERSON PICK UP FOR NEW ORDERS. For customers with EXISTING IN-PERSON PICK UP ORDERS, or First Responders in Uniform, please contact us here to coordinate a curbside pickup time. 

“Can I place a custom order?”

PrideMasks has been working with many companies, businesses and community groups who have requested custom facial barriers for their employees, especially as our national workforce returns to the work setting. Much of our efforts to expand our manufacturing has been focused on accommodating these requests. If you are interested in placing custom orders of 20+ masks with an existing design, your company brand, or a new visual direction, please contact us at here to start your order today. We would love to help create a PrideMask that is unique to your business or community.

Please Note: Custom/bulk orders for 20+ PrideMasks cannot be processed on our website.