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So many winners!

We at PrideMasks have been so impressed by all the great mask designs that we've received from kids all across the Chicagoland area. Congrats to everyone who shared their time and creativity with us and the rest of our community. It has been a delight and a joy so far.

Below are all of our Semi-Finalists by Ward. Next steps? We’re sharing Semi-Finalists with our judges who will help us pick the Grand Prize Winner! 

“Thank you so much for providing us with custom Lakeview Pantry masks! They've been a huge help to us as we respond to an unprecedented increase in need at all of our sites, including our newest one at Wrigley Field.”

Cat Sullivan, Marketing & Communications Director, Lakeview Pantry

“Everything was wonderfully and carefully crafted. This is not some cheaply made face mask. No corner cutting here,  only top notch quality—and it shows. I was very impressed and thankful for the work you’re doing to keep our city protected and our city’s economy moving. Kudos.”